MJK EDitions C & D Magnetos

Service Parts List
American Bosch
MJK Editions C & D Magnetos
(High Tension)
For Caterpillar Tractor Co.

Illustration #MJK 4/2 360'-47MJK 4/2 180'-317Quanity Used Description Of Part
1NT 6-12-1NUT, magnet rotor shaft
2WA 5-12-1WASHER, lock- rotor shaft nut
3SC 1333SC 13334SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- drive end flange
4SC 1333SC 1453****2SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- drive end flange
6-FL 52801FLANGE, vertical- drive end
7-SC 16901SCREW & LOCKWASHER, blocking
9FL 5281-1FLANGE, horizontal- drive end
10GA 52157*-1GASKET
11PK 5237*PK 5237*1SEAL, oil- magnet rotor
12IS 222IS 222one per ball bearingWASHER, insulation- ball bearing
13aIS 52442IS 52442one per ball bearing STRIP, insulation- ball bearing (.009" thick)
13bIS 52443IS 52443one pe ball bearing STRIP, insultion- ball bearing (.008" thick)
14aBB 60226BB 602262BALL BEARING (MJK Edition C)
14bBB 60226BB 602261BALL BEARING (MJK Edition D)
15WA 1204WA 1204one per ball bearing WASHER, grease retaining
16KY 11-4KY 11-41KEY, Woodruff- drive end
17RT 52279RT 522781ROTOR, magnet
17ABG 52160BG 521601BEARING, magnet rotor (MJK Edition D)
18KY 1015KY 10151KEY, Woodruff- breaker end
19aWA 61WA 61as req'dWASHER, spacing- magnet rotor (.012" thick)
19bWA 106WA 106as req'dWASHER, spacing- magnet rotor (.007" thick)
19cWA 107WA 107as req'dWASHER, spacing- magnet rotor (.004" thick)
19dWA 1009WA 1009as req'dWASHER, spacing- magneto rotor (.002" thick)
**WA 81751*WA 81751*1WASHER, felt- breaker and ball bearing (MJK Edition C)
20aSP 52279SP 522791RING, spring- distributor gear shaft (Applicable to semicircular grooves)
20bRG 3003*RG 3003*1RING, retaining- distributor gear (Applicable to rectangular grooves)
21WA 1518*WA 1518*1WASHER, spacing
22CL 5298CL 52981COIL, complete (7300-8300 ohms secondary resistance)
24aSC 1328SC 13282SCREW, set- coil( For coils with set screw holes)
24bSC 3059SC 30592SCREW, set- coil (For coils without set screw holes)
29-PG 52421PLUG, grounding outlet
30-FI 5217****1FITTING, elbow- external grounding
31aNT 5283NT 504-51NUT, grounding stud (MJK Edition C)
31bNT 3-4NT 504-51NUT, grounding stud (MJK Edition D)
32aWA 404563WA 2881WASHER, lock- grounding stud (MJK Edition C)
32bWA 40463WA 22-51WASHER, lock- grounding stud (MJK Edition D)
33NT 3-4NT 504-51NUT, fastening- grounding stud
34aWA 40463WA 2881WASHER, lock- grounding stud (MJK Edition C)
34bWA 40463WA 22-51WASHER, lock- grounding stud (MJK Edition D)
35WA 1697WA 12061WASHER, plain- grounding stud
36WA 52245WA 52280****1WASHER, insulation (MJK Edition D)
37aIS 52346IS 52476****1INSULATION BUSHING (MJK Edition C)-
37bIS 52547IS 525511INSULATION BUSHING (MJK Edition D)
**GA 1066GA 1055****1GASKET, "O" ring (MJK Edition C)
38IS 52345IS 524921INSULATION BLOCK, grounding stud
39aSC 52159SD 521791STUD, grounding (MJK Edition C)
39bSD 52219SD 522221STUD, grounding (MJK Edition D)
40WA 40463WA 404631WASHER, lock (MJK Edition D)
41NT 3-4NT 3-41NUT, fastening cable to grounding stud (MJK Edition D)
**SC 1326SC 13261SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- grounding cable to grounding stud (MJK Edition C)
42HG 52679****1HOUSING, magneto- includes illustrated parts 17A & 56
43SC 122-6*SC 122-6*2SCREW, fastening- nameplate
44NP 5295*NP 5295*1NAMEPLATE
45SC 1326 ****SC 1326 ****2SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- "E" gap hole plate
46PL 52479 ****PL 52479 ****1PLATE, "E" gap hole
47GA 52166*GA 52166*1GASKET, "E" gap hole plate
48CB 52179CB 521791CABLE, grounding
50SC 1145*SC 1145*1SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening condenser
51CW 52110*CW 52110*1CONDENSER (.29-.33 mfd. capacitance)
52GE 52204GE 522041GERA, magnet rotor
53WA 1258WA 12581WASHER, plain- magnet rotor gear nut
54WA 6-10WA 6-101WASHER, lock- magnet rotor gear nut
55NT 1076 ****NT 1076 ****1NUT, fastening magnet rotor gear
**WA 1518WA 15181WASHER, spacing- distributor gear (MJK Edition C)
56aBG 52133BG 521331BEARING, distributor gear shaft (MJK Edition C)
56bBG 52182BG 521821BEARING, distributor gear shaft (MJK Edition D)
57GE 52280A-3GE 52278A-31GEAR, distributor- includes illustrated part 20b
58PL 52452PL 524521PLATE ASSEMBLY, breaker- includes illustrated parts 59-63 and 67a
59RG 3001RG 30011RING, retaining- breaker lever
60BK 52234AS*BK 52234AS*1BREAKER ASSEMBLY, contact- includes parts 59, 63, & 67a
61WA 3066-1WA 3066-12WASHER, plain
62SC 1541SC 15412SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- contact breaker assembly
63SC 1381*SC 1381*1SCREW, fastening- breaker spring, grounding and condenser leads
64SC 1230SC 12302SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- breaker plate assembly
65WA 1206WA 12062WASHER, plain
66RT 52154PART 52154PA1ROTOR, distributor
67aWK 5263*WK 5263*1WICK, lubricating- cam (Fror breaker plate assemblies without a wick housing)
67bWK 5241WK 52411WICK, lubricating- cam (For breaker plate assemblies with a wick housing)
68-GA 521732GASKET, radio shielding
69aGA 52148*-1GASKET, distributor plate
69b-PL 52446 ****1PLATE, shielding
70BR 521004A*BR 521004A*as req'dBRUSH WITH SPRING, distributor plate
72WA 5280*WA 5280*4WASHER, sealing- distributor plate fastening screw or stud
73WA 98922WA 989224WASHER, plain
74WA 288WA 2884WASHER, lock
75-SD 521802STUD, fastening- distributor plate (long)
76SC 3077-2-4SCREW, fastening- distributor plate
77-SD 521782STUD, fastening- distributor plate (short)
79-CV 525721COVER, radio shield
80FP 81953FP 81953as req'dCLIP, terminal- cable
83-SC 3077-24SCREW & LOCKWASHER, fastening- radio shield cover
**-HB 73601HUB, drive
**-ICK 2A11IMPLUSE COUPLING ASSEMBLY- for parts and illustrations, see manual Section 120-115-100

* Included In Overhaul Kit KT 521020.
** Not Illustrated.
*** Not Shown Assembled.
**** Discontinued With No Replacement.