Berling Magneto Manuals

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Price Lists
1923 Price List (2 pages)
1924 Price List (2 pages)
1926 Price List (2 pages)

Care and Maintenance
DD-44,66,88 (27 pages)
E-21 (14 pages)
E-41 ( 9 pages)
EL-41 (18 pages)
EQ-41 (11 pages)
F-41 (13 pages)
FD-41 & FD-61 (20 pages)
N-44 (12 pages)

Parts Breakdown and Prices
D-41,43,61,63,81,83 (10 pages)
D-81, X-2, X-4 (11 pages)
D-44, 66, 88 (two different files, one 10 pages, the other 12 pages)
E-21 (6 pages)
E-41 (6 pages)
E-41 & E-61 (8 pages)
F-41 & F-61 (11 pages)
S-17, S-18, S-27, S-28 (6 pages)

Misc. Leaflets
Berling Interrupter (2 pages)
Berling Test Fixture (2 pages)
Berling Magneto Types (23 pages)
SC Coil (4 pages)
Service- General (17 pages)
Type B (4 pages)
Type D & DD (10 pages)
Type S (12 pages)